Epik events website

I imagine since the Epikverse is being prepped for launch, that more events will come. But in my opinion it seems the Epik website having the shop/marketplace (for NFTs), and the company website (with events), with these 2 websites separate it means the events go under the radar a little.

I think a link to events at the top of the EpikPrime website would be a good idea, vs currently if you scroll to the bottom of the main website, then click Epik, that takes you to the company website where you can go to the Events tab. But if you then click the Shop tab it takes you back to the original website and the events part is kind of hidden.

I imagine there will be more focus on the events once the Epikverse comes.

If someone from the team would consider this, that would be great. Thanks!!


After poking around a bit more I see the company website part is essentially that, for company clients, but I still think the promotion of in game events etc could be better utilised if more visible from the user website, via an events tab!?!
…music concerts too, would be great to see more of that, I look forward to seeing what projects and collaborations happen in the coming months.
My other “nit picking” suggestion is for example the DCentralcon NFTs, would be perfect if the music sample looped properly, a couple of them almost do, but implementing this on all NFTs with sound would improve the immersive nature of the experience, without a stop/start in the audio…I appreciate the limitation of the playback software on each individual’s device may not allow the transition to be seamless, but I think that should be a consideration. As I think the quality and music selection is a very cool and of a high standard, so the producer and sound engineer could easily create a loop that works really well, (as I said a couple of the DCentralcon ones almost do), to listen to as background music for longer time frames and enjoy the product more, with all your NFTs with sound where feasible, it would be great…and could be connected to the promotion of in game events via the memorabilia in the form of collectable NFTs.

The new year’s party on Avakin life could have been promoted with invites, why not a couple of rooms with different music like real clubs often have, and different venues catering to wider demographics and age groups, I’m sure more DJs would love to get involved in metaverse/gaming events. It’s a shame the membership announcement has not happened yet as planned for the end of the year, coupled with this simple idea that would have worked well, invites to a new year’s party to new members and giving utility to the token would have retained customers and prevented the token price dumping as much and scaring some investors away. I hope to see further developments in the coming months, and would appreciate updates on when membership will open up to more customers. Thanks!

Oh yeah you have the club cooee connection too, that’s another venue, of course.

Why not promote more parties throughout 2022 leading to a new year’s party at the end of the year, with avatars gifted to exclusive members and a low entry fee to the gig paid in EPIK!! And the party could start early in the day, to cover international time zones, somewhat, or whatever’s feasible, and if it starts early evening in some countries then people can listen as background music before they go out in the real world, perfect for during pre drinks hours. There could be time slots for the main DJs, so that international time zones are covered with something live on the schedule, then it could just be a playlist in between to fill the time with music selected by the DJs. People could just leave their avatars dancing if they want to, and come back to move around the venue whenever they please, using either VR or just via a laptop or phone connected to the website or game portal.

I have to add as well that there’s an error on the events part of the site that needs fixing, when you go to the events tab and an event appears at the top of the screen with a ‘buy now’ button, the link doesn’t lead to any option to buy an event. Also, when you reach this page, or when you click on an event, and scroll down, the ‘upcoming events’ are all past events and should appear below with the with the other events entitled ‘recent work’. And I wonder why the new year’s party with Avakin life was not listed here and still doesn’t appear here, are there other events that are missing from this list of upcoming events and recent work? A medium article you put out a few months said that reliving past events would be a thing you can do with epik, maybe it’s only if you attended, but things like the concerts, and even the kungfu movie thing, great ideas but can we as users not buy these past events, with the ‘buy now’ button. I hope more functionality and usability is coming for members once things get out of beta and open up, but we were told membership tiers would be announced in november which haven’t come yet, so can we have an update on these delayed commitments that were promised please? There’s uncertainty about progress amongst investors and potential users…users can become investors, and investors can become users, but by not delivering the membership tiers announcement, there is doubt about the future. But I appreciate the original road map included having the metaverse come out at the end of 2021, so if things are delayed I appreciate that, but just some membership engagement on smaller events would help build confidence for the future. Thanks!

“AN EPIK NIGHT OUT”…that’s it! And “An epik new year’s”

@victor_david Victor, Gary, Darren, come on that’s a good idea. I see what you’re doing, cinema for kungfu movies, shopping and dressing up with Icon…you could have a coffee shop hangout/chat/meeting place, like sitcom Friend’s in the Metaverse, jump into other metaverses. And then party!

And background music, more background music and playlists, like a radio room…or dj daytime rehearsals/practice sesh/hangout.