How to buy NFTS using Epik Prime token on BSC network?

Hi, I saw the bullish activity on the Epik Prime token on the BSC network and after reviewing the website and marketplace, I decided to jump in. I’m optimistic and hoping this will turn into one of the major Metaverse content hubs.

I am currently holding 5559 Epik tokens, worth about $3,855. This is a lot of money for me, so I am taking on a significant risk. Any comments reassuring me that this is a wise investment will be greatly appreciated.

Also, I was looking through the NFT marketplace and found some exciting items that I would like to buy, but they are on the Ethereum network, which his ridiculously high fees. This is specifically why I bought Epik Prime tokens on BSC network, to avoid the Ethereum network and their high fees. I looked for the option to change to BSC network in order to purchase these NFT’s but I could not find out how to do it.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!