Kickstarter/Groupon community led crossovers!

An idea I always had was a groupon/kickstarter style community driven crossover where if we could get “X” amount of people to request it, we could get it done!

I’m happy to say, we are now in a position to make that happen.

Let Epik help you make your dreams come true!

Please reply below and propose your crossover and we will help!

For example:

I would love to get Transformers into Free Fire.

I then create a topic:

Transformers x Free Fire

Then Epik helps and talks to Garena and finds out that if we can get 10,000 people (random number for example) to “Like” or reply to the Transformers x Free Fire topic they will make the crossover happen.

That would be incredible!! That would be a huge success - entirely driven by the community!!!