Korn X Adventure Quest 3D

Eoik is proud to present our first ever in game cross in Adventure Quest 3D!

Legendary Nu-Metal band Korn was featured as a special boss battle with their own music themed bosses and featuring both their latest and classic tracks.

Check it out!

Check out the promo image with the “Freak on a leash.”

Check out some of the promo pics of Korn in the game!

These pics look awesome! I believe Korn was on an actual tour while this collaboration happened?

Korn special iconic stand?

Korn and Adventure Quest were featured on Billboard!

Some game play footage of the event! Showing you some of the special exclusive content specially made for Korn!

Promo video made by Artix

All the info regarding the crossover can be found here


More coverage by Alt Press

The Epik feature of Korn in Adventure Quest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWa2tmg1CYY

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