Prime Membership FAQ

What is Epik Prime?

The Epik Prime membership program is for Epik customers and gives exclusive access to premium in-game and NFT items, benefits, and prizes.

Why would I join?

Membership programs are extremely popular with customers who want premium services. Examples of large successful companies with membership programs are Amazon and American Express. Customers pay upfront for a membership but they know they are getting much more value in return.

What is Epik Prime+?

Prime+ is the highest level of Epik Prime membership which gives you access to the highest tier of items available for purchase as well as the ability to pre-order select items.

Why should I pay for membership?

Prime membership may not be for everyone. People who are collectors, investors, or appreciate early or exclusive access to the best in-game items and experiences would likely be the type of people who would want a Prime membership.

How can I win prizes?

Prime membership is represented by staking EPIK tokens and by staking tokens you can earn a chance to win prizes from our NFT lottery.


Very interesting. When and where will these tokens be available? I applied for Prime+ but I am also interested in the investment end, tbh.

Hey Grey! You can more information about the token on EpikPrime Twitter or on DAO Maker.